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What is a Growth Mindset? 

A growth mindset first came onto the scene when Carol Dweck wrote a book in 2006 called Mindset: The New Psychology of Success How we can Learn to Fulfill our Potential *Parenting *business *school *relationships

The essence of her message is this… I believe that my intelligence and most things about me can grow with dedication & hard work. 

The idea is that people are not born with all of the intelligence and skill, but that you can get better and improve with effort and hard work. This is GREAT news right? Now, teaching students to think like this will help them approach their challenges in learning!

Why do we need to growth mindset?

Teaching growth mindset is one way we can combat the “I’m not a math person” mentality that is prevalent in our culture. In fact, check out this quote from the book by Libby Woodfin in her book titled,  Learning that Lasts.

The truth is, when we believe we aren’t math people it gives us a pass to not have to try. Math is essential to our world and we have to teach students that math isn’t a person! Instead, we have to approach math with a mindset that we all can grow in our ability and competence in math!


Idea #1 for How to Have a Growth Mindset in Math Classroom

Growth mindset can be really confusing to students. Thinking about your thinking is a weird concept. Not to mention it is hard to give effort when things are challenging or to believe that you’ll get better when it feels like the task is impossible.
So, one way you can help students is to talk about some key phrases that can help them develop the ideas of a growth mindset. Below are a few phrases you can incorporate into your math discussions & morning meetings.

Ideas #2 for Growth Mindset in the Math Classroom

I like to keep this super simple because if I don’t then unfortunately it’s the first thing that drops off the to-do list. I have found if I make time and establish a routine it is actually really easy to incorporate! I like to use one of the phrases above to focus our conversations on each week in morning meeting. We will play games that relate and illustrate the point. Then, we will talk about how it looks/sounds/feels. Finally, we will talk about what we can do in math to show this particular mindset.

how to have a growth mindset

Idea #3 for How to Have a Growth Mindset in the Math Classroom

Create a display that communicates to students the growth mindset values. Choose one from that speaks to you or make your own. I like this one about all the things math is!

math bulletin board


Another way I like to create a display is with these Classroom Community Math Affirmations Posters. math mindset

Click the picture to see this resource in my shop!

Idea #4 for Growth Mindset in the Math Classroom

Remember that we are all a work in progress! It is simple to think that praising effort or making a display with the key phrases will motivate our students to work hard and try their best everyday. But the truth is, it won’t. We are all constantly working to improve and that comes with advances and set backs. Give yourself and your students grace and then keep working toward the goal.

More Ideas on Teaching Growth Mindset

Check out this post for more ideas on building a math growth mindset. Also, this post talks about how creating norms in the math classroom helps students develop a math growth mindset!

Build your students’ confidence with progress monitoring with these tips from Teaching with Kaylee B!

Supporting you & Cheering for you!

I hope you have found some ways to incorporate How to Have a Growth mindset in your math classroom! Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help you support your students!


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